We are sorry, we will do better, and learned something from artist Mindmovie

Hi people,

Here is a confession of guilt from us, to this great website

We have been gone for a while, first of all due to private stuff going on in our lives We are all home daddy's with full time jobs and ,businesses and with kids,...and thats...well...a fulltime job on itself hahaha

But we still have this dream, we have to make songs !, writing, recording, and rehearsing, and also filming and recording and editing video's for these songs That takes a lot of time (and learning) But then you also have to promote yourself through lot of social media, bandsites, musicsites, to get as much as possible exposure on every site, you will have to upload your tracks, and fill in all necessary details with it. ( and we have a huge list)

Well, thats half a live on time....but...its all the normal stuff when you are a indepandant artist or band , right? and we love it, not complaining here website is one of those sites (from many sites on our list) we found on google where we can upload our stuff. We are from The netherlands, and unfortunately our german is not that sorry about that ! ( but always go on holidays to youre country,and loving it ) speaking german with hands, .. and feet, we manage ... but reading and espaccially writing is difficult for thats why i write english But to stay on subject, we uploaded songs and video's here, came back ( following our list and keeping up) and with a quick look how things are going, see some responses, sometimes responding back......but not that much..and that is wrong of us.

and we have done a lot in music, had succes...but never reached THE BIG TIME. Eric and I, are in music for at least 30 years, and the love of performing and making songs, it gives so much joy in life , its that "something more" in our lives ( hey we wote a song about that !! and titled it -something more- )

we worked hard, but after all those years kinda slacked , en let go a little...and dropped everything actually.... But now we get back on our feet, as we always do, and have enough energy for next 30 years !!

anyway....came back to this site, and read youre comments, ( we never even saw, due to not logging in long time) and we never reacted back to them, but this great artist on here called mindmovie,( he is a really awesome artist by the way) has called out to us, two times !, to listen more to other songs, and find friends, and engage more with the other artists, these were his words to us to one of our songs: quote: Ich glaube Ihr würdet für diesen Song wesentlich mehr Feedback bekommen wenn Ihr selbst noch ein wenig mehr aktiv in der Community wärt. Ein paar neue Freunde finden, Songs anhören und bewerten und ich bin mir sicher auch dieser schöne Song würde davon profitieren ! Unquote

Man that hit me !! HE IS SO RIGHT !!! its a kind of friendly spanking somehow, but he is so right, and we deserved it !! and so we learned something huge out of his words, cause they are wise words, from a wise artist(as you can hear through his skilled talent) i can i find the time ??? ok i listen ofcourse to other bands too, but really to be more aktive on site, and also engage, and als review others takes also time! But he is right, so we have te MAKE time,

and mindmovie, and awesome people of this awesome community and website,. we are sorry for that , we will make time ! stupid, we had to know better also....after those years

not promising anything...but wil surely give it go, and try to do better! because its surely worth it !!!


Mike ( leadsinger/guitarist Too Different)


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